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iFrame-Reloaded Help

  • Hi, I am trying to stream a camera over http using the iframe-reloaded module. The video shows up great, the only issue is I cant figure out how to size the box to show the video without the sliding bars.

    I have all types of differnet things with width and height using px and %. If someone could help me out, I would appreciate it.

    I do use this module to display radar and it works great, it also works great for my camera I just need the size fixed. thanks

                            module: 'MMM-iFrameReload',
                            position: 'top_left',
                            config: {
                                    url: ['http://x.x.x.x:5000/video_feed'],
                                    width: "380px",
                                    height: "100%",
                                    refreshInterval: 300

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