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unable to reply to topic here

  • I wanted to post a reply in topic ‘Full Screen CSS’, but the reply button/links do nothing…

    is that topic locked? or?

    thanks… will delete this

  • Module Developer

    There should be a pop-up message: “The topic you are replying to is quite old. Would you like to create a new topic instead, and reference this one in your reply?”

    It’s possible that your browser is blocking the pop-up.

    I can replicate this error in Internet Explorer and Edge.
    Try Chrome or Firefox.

    This post shouldn’t be in the “custom css” subforum, it should be in “General Discussion” > “Forum”.

  • @doublet thanks. Am using same chrome browser as original post. No changes that I am aware of, but will look

    As far as placement, I am not the original poster

    I also cannot reply to the other subject from my phone

  • Module Developer

    Weird, I have no problems with Firefox or Chrome but with IE and Edge and I think it’s just that the pop-up message that asks you if you want to continue posting in an old thread is blocked.

  • My mobile does not have block popups turned on

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