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Flick Large gesture control

  • Hello all,

    I have tried to use the flick Large sensor together with my Raspberry Pi 2 to control the interface of the MagicMirror, as I have made some pages and wanted to scroll through them.

    What I have managed to do is to control MMM-pages, MMM-page-indicator and the default news module via my MMM-flick module.

    The controls are as follows:

    Swipe Left - Decrement Page
    Swipe Right - Increment Page
    Swipe Up - Show news description
    Swipe Up again - Open News page
    Swipe Up as the news page is opened - Scroll down the news page
    Swipe Down - Close News Page
    Swipe Down again - Close News Description

    I`m currently working on implementing the touch functionality. I want to also have mouse control.

    The code is not perfect, I`m working it.

    Here is the code (note that I have changed some libraries for it to work with the ASUS Tinker Board, as far as I know I`m the only one who has working flicklibs on the TinkerBoard. If someone is interested in getting the flick sensor to work with the TinkerBoard pm me ): - used to read sensor data

     #!/usr/bin/env python
     import sys
     import json
     import time
     import signal
     import flicklib
     import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
     #import autopy
     GPIO.setup(15, GPIO.OUT) 
     GPIO.setup(7, GPIO.OUT)
     #Turn on both LEDs for orange color in Stand By
     #GPIO.output(7, True) # Turn on RED LED
     #GPIO.output(15, True)# Turn on GREEN LED
     #Airwheel data
     some_value = 5000
     last_airwheel = 0
     delay = 5000
     #Get display size
     #width, height = autopy.screen.get_size()
     def to_node(type, message):
     	# convert to json and print (node helper will read from stdout)
     		print(json.dumps({type: message}))
     	except Exception:
     	# stdout has to be flushed manually to prevent delays in the node helper communication
     to_node("status", 'Flick has started...')
     def flick(start,finish):
     	#Slide down the newsfeed (DOWN GESTURE)
     	if(start == "north" and finish == "south"):
     		to_node("gesture", "ARTICLE_LESS_DETAILS")
     		GPIO.output(7, True)
     		GPIO.output(7, False)
     	#Slide up the newsfeed (UP GESTURE)
     	elif(start == "south" and finish == "north"):
     		to_node("gesture", "ARTICLE_MORE_DETAILS")
     		GPIO.output(15, True)
     		GPIO.output(15, False)
     	#Next page (RIGHT GESTURE)
     	elif(start == "west" and finish == "east"):
     		to_node("gesture", "PAGE_DECREMENT")
     		GPIO.output(7, True)
     		GPIO.output(7, False)
     	#Previous page (LEFT GESTURE)
     	elif(start == "east" and finish == "west"):
     		to_node("gesture", "PAGE_INCREMENT")
     		GPIO.output(15, True)
     		GPIO.output(15, False)
     def spinny(delta):
     	global some_value
     	global last_airwheel
     	global delay
     	some_value += delta
     	if some_value < 0:
     		some_value = 0
     	if some_value > 10000:
     		some_value = 10000
     	now = int(round(time.time() * 1000))
     	if(now - last_airwheel > delay):
     		last_airwheel = now
     #Mouse control via flick board
     #def move(x,y,z):
     #	x = (x) * width
     #	y = (y) * height
     #	x = int(x)
     #	y = height - int (y)
     #	if( y > 799 ):
     #		y = 799
     	#autopy.mouse.move(x, y)
     #Double tap gesture 
     #def doubletap(position):
     #Tap gesture
     def tap(position):
     	if position == 'center':
     		GPIO.output(15, True)# Turn on GREEN LED
     		GPIO.output(15, False)# Turn off GREEN LED
     #Touch gesture
     #def touch(position):


     'use strict';
     const NodeHelper = require('node_helper');
     const {PythonShell} = require('python-shell');
     var pythonStarted = false
     module.exports = NodeHelper.create({
     	python_start: function () {
     		const self = this;
     		const pyshell = new PythonShell('modules/' + + '/', { mode: 'json', args: [JSON.stringify(this.config)]});
     		pyshell.on('message', function (message) {
     			if (message.hasOwnProperty('status')){
     			console.log("node_helper_[" + + "]" + message.status);
     			if (message.hasOwnProperty('gesture')){
     			console.log("node_helper_[" + + "] " + message.gesture);
     			self.sendSocketNotification("gesture_observed", message.gesture);
     		 pyshell.end(function (err) {
     			if (err) throw err;
     			console.log("node_helper_[" + + "] " + 'finished running...');
     	// Subclass socketNotificationReceived received.
     	socketNotificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
     		if(notification === 'CONFIG') {
     		  this.config = payload
     		  if(!pythonStarted) {
     			pythonStarted = true;


    		gesture_up: 0,
    		gesture_right: 0,	
    	// Override socket notification handler.
    	socketNotificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
    		if (notification === "gesture_observed"){
    			const self = this;
    			if (payload === "up"){
    					MM.getModules().withClass(this.config.defaultClass).exceptWithClass(this.config.everyoneClass).enumerate(function(module) {
    						module.hide(1000, function() {
    							Log.log( + ' is hidden.');
    					MM.getModules().withClass("class_up_1_show").enumerate(function(module) {
, function() {
    							Log.log( + ' is shown.');
    			else if (payload === "down") {
    				MM.getModules().withClass("class_up_1_show").enumerate(function(module) {
    						module.hide(1000, function() {
    							Log.log( + ' is hidden by gesture.');
    	start: function() {
    		this.current_user = null;
    		this.sendSocketNotification('CONFIG', this.config);
 'Starting module: ' +;

  • Nvm, I got it working perfectly! xD

  • Hello, is it possible to place it behind the mirror? Could you show us a picture of your integration into MagicMirror?
    Thank you in advance.

  • That is exactly what I’m planning to do. In theory it works behind the mirror, but you will lose the touch gestures more than likely. Unfortunately I do not have the mirror yet (it has not been delivered yet), but I’ll post a picture/results when I get it.

    So far I wrote the code this way:

    Left/right swipes go through MMM-pages & MMM-pages_indicator

    Up/down swipes open/close newsfeed details

    Each gesture also triggers the LED on the sensor board.

    I’m still thinking what other things I can do with the remaining gestures.

    I’ll update the correct code after I clean it up a bit.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @radu_stancu Thank you for your answer I look forward to your feedback, because I would also like to use this solution. 🙂

  • Could you describe, if you were successfull with the implementation of the board? Best Regards.

  • @steffenschmidt, I was successful to some extent. I have managed to use the gestures from the board to control the interface. Up, down, left and right are working and more will follow when I know what I want them to do. The only problem is that the flick sensor is NOT WORKING behind the mirror, probably because of the aluminum/silver layer that makes a mirror a mirror.

    I will work on the project in the winter holidays and post some more details.

  • Updated the code, and also support for the Asus Tinker Board.

  • This is exactly what Im looking for. Im trying to get your module to run but Im first of all not a programmer (can do simple things in python an such)

    I altered your python script to work with my skywriter board, easy enough. But i wonder how i set up the config file? Just load the module? If I do that I get a error that says "cannot find module “python-shell”

    I was hoping the sensor would work behind the mirror to but it wont. I will put it on the inside of the frame insted…

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