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MMM-CalendarExt weeks time on events

  • Since this forum is awesome for a newbie like me I’ll keep posting questions until someone stops me 😊

    I’m trying to have the weeks setup but I want each entry to display time, currently it only displays the title. What parameter am I looking for? I round a thread suggesting to modify the custom.css and specifically a setting(entry location and entry time) that had the setting
    Visible: none

    and change that to " block" but i am not getting any results from that.

    So what and where should I change to enable time on each entry in the [weeks] setup?

  • Module Developer

    Add belows into your ~/MagicMirror/css/custom.css

    .CALEXT .tableStyle .eventLocation,
    .CALEXT .tableStyle .eventTime {

  • @sean hi! Thanks for replying.

    That’s what I’ve added, but there isn’t any time visible on any entry. Are the multiple entries like that or just the one? Can I have changed the wrong one that is

    weeks: {
                    showWeeks: 1,
                    position: 'middle_center',
            //      onlyStartingTime: 1,
                    weeksTitle: 'Vecka',
                    weeksFormat: 'wo',
                    weekdayFormat: 'dd',
                    titleFormat : 'MMM D',
                    overTitleFormat : 'MMM D',
                    counts: 2,
            defaultCalendar: {
              interval: 1000*60*5,

    and custom.css

    .CALEXT .tableStyle .eventLocation
    .CALEXT .tableStyle .eventTime {

  • @cptkex i have been spending the morning changing values and i dont feel that any change in the custom.rss affects any part of the calendar, can i have added something that would stop it from working? the css that is

  • Module Developer

    Maybe it’s my mistakes. But at this moment I’m out so cannot give you detail.
    First check ‘custom.css’ is /home/pi/MagicMirror/css/custom.css, not /home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-CalendarExt/cusom.css.
    I made this module when I was a newb of MM, so at that time the convention of naming was wrong. It might cause your confusing.
    If you still get problem, I’ll reply you on Monday after arriving home.

  • @sean wait so it’s not the one in the calendarext directory it’s the general one in the Css directory? That might very well explain why nothing I do works 🙂

    I have just finished the process of deleting the module and the code in config.js, to make sure I hadn’t screwed up any code. I will reinstall it, and then change the correct Css one and report back. Thanks for taking the time.

  • @sean editing that into the right Css made all the difference 🙂 thank you for your help! now the next step is to figure out how to add the date inside the icon…

  • Module Developer

    @cptkex said in MMM-CalendarExt weeks time on events:

    how to add the date inside the icon…

    I didn’t make this module for that purpose, So I can think it is not so easy.
    Because all my slot has already it’s period title, thus I think that feature is needless in my module. So I didn’t prepare it.

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