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SenseHat data on MM?

  • Hello all, i had a sense hat that i wanted to use. I looked around and found other modules that display temp, humidity etc but nothing that would work with a sense hat. I did find “NODEIMU” below which interacts with sensehat and prints values from the sensors.

    Would someone be interested in creating a module to read the data and show it on the mirror? I am super noob in all this and do not come from a programming background. I am interested in getting the pressure and humidity displayed on the mirror. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out or point me to the right direction on how tro achieve this.

    Thank you

  • Bump! i would like to see this too if anyone can help?

  • Yep! Here too, a God Sense Hat Script and/or Module to display temp, humidity, pressure well all the sense hat data etc…would be quite appreciated.

  • You got only one “/” after https. Is that a paste error?

    Edit: Uhm wtf, I posted on another thread and after “Submit” I’m here… what the heck.
    Edit2: Btw you can read your sensors with python, the the libraries for it are free to use - I also have a grovepi, works well. I use the output of the python script and show it on a RGB-LCD Display.

    So the output can be streamed in a file, so you only need a module which can read that file like the “Hello world” module with an external file as input. Or you push it local to a webserver and use the iframe module as example…

    Just as an input.

  • @tajno I was also exploring the second option. How often does your python script output? Would you be able to elaborate on how you are reading the output in the “Hello World” module?


  • Thanks for the input. I am new to this. My Mirror is ready and working fine. Got a Raspberry 3 with a sense hat but the hard part for me is programming…I am learning. So that is why a “out of the box” brand new : MMM-Sense Hat Module would be quite useful. In the mean time, will try to build one. but, I got a lot of reading to do…

  • I’ve just come on board with this project. I too have a sense hat and wanted to integrate that into my Mirror. So I did…
    The problem I have found is that due to the location of the SenseHat, the CPU and other components heat the temperature sensor. It does not produce a reliable temperature. Having said that, there are python programs that do give the temperature and humidity from the sensor. There are also correction factors for both.
    I’ve written a module that displays the temp and humidity. It uses a copy of the MMM-DHT22 module as its prototype. The helper program calls a nodejs function that runs a python program. The correction factor is added to the config.js file for the Mirror. The correction factors need to be figured out by the owners of the pi. It’s totally up to them to measure and try different factors.
    My problem with getting this to folks is that I don’t know how to submit new modules to the forum. I don’t have any problem distributing this out so people can use it.

  • Module Developer

    Hello, a MagicMirror module for rapsberry sensehat :


  • Module Developer

    @framboise-pi Well this is a fantastic idea!
    Now I only need something useful to show with the 8x8 led matrix so I can justify the build into the mirror…

  • Module Developer

    @lavolp3 😋

    just had the idea of a tamagotchi-like (using sensors and MagicMirror to display life stats etc.) : MMM-MySenseHatTamagotchi

    im searching too for 8x8 ideas, and wrote some on the module page (MMM-MySenseHat), in issues section. Maybe you’ll find ideas there, to help you find other ideas !

    let’s 8x8 !


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