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Pollen Count

  • Hi! As a “allergic to Pollen” person I would like to have a display of Pollen levels in my city (Madrid, Spain) on the Magic Mirror.

    I’ve been trying to find an API for this in Spain or Madrid but I don’t find any… I’ve seen UK and Germany have some websites that let you retrieved this data but not in Spain 😞

    The clearest place I’ve found this data is this url:

    So, how can I get this info if I only have an url?? Anyone?


  • The closest I have found for an world spanning pollen information is this site: but it is quite dumb; it only tells allergy levels for “trees” or “grass” etc, but not which trees or grass types.

    But what I have seen there is no site that offers a good API for getting the information. My guess is that we need to scrape the information from the HTML. I.e. return all HTML from a specific site and parse the information using regular expressions.


  • Great! I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes 🙂

  • I’ve found an API based on a Longitude Latitude, how far are you with this module? Maybe i can help.

  • I have not started this yet, as I have been sick with pollen…
    However, when I investigated the size of a project like this, I saw that it should not be that complex to implement this as a plugin. I will start sometime after the summer I think.
    I have created a first draft/concept of this, if you want to experiment. 🙂
    You then need to implement the function `processResponse’, and maybe something more, IDK.

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