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calendar module: Today at HH:MM

  • Hi,

    Searching did not lead to a solution.
    My current config shows date and time for all items (for example Nov 19th 12:00).
    I would like to see “Today at 12:00” for todays items.
    Is that posible ?

    module: "calendar",
    disabled: false,
    header: "Family Calendar",
    position: "top_left",
    maximumEntries: 12,
    maximumNumberOfDays: 365,
    fetchInterval: 300000,
    maxTitleLength: 35,
    getRelative: 0,
    timeFormat: "absolute",
    dateFormat: "MMM Do kk:mm",
    fullDayEventDateFormat: "MMM Do",
    showEnd: false,
    displaySymbol: false,

  • I see several examples where Today and Tommorow is displayed, but did not see the corresponding config.

    In my config I added / changed

    urgency: 2,
    getRelative: 6,

    Still no joy.

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