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User Friendly magic mirror/mm ui?

  • I’m making a magic mirror as a gift for someone and was wondering if there was a way to make it very user friendly for them in the sense of them being able to connect to their wifi, change the time, and so on because I cannot be around 24/7 to always work on it for them. Anyone know of a mod or something? I’m making this as a touch screen via ir touch frame on an rpi3 but am considering different options such as o-droid or tinker box if I have to go that route

  • I’ve searched a lot for kind of (ease of use) configuration to the mirror but almost found nothing, the best what you can have till now! is MMM-RemoteControl where you can show/hide modules and restart/turn off the mirror, other than that some modules provides controlling it over telegram but still rather limited

    would be very nice to add such option or app to configure the mirror for the very noobs without having code knowledge as am also making my mirror as a gift.

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