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Start or not...?

  • Sorry guys i need your help again!
    I had to reinstall raspbian due to a module that did not work.
    Before formatting the SD, I backed up the MagicMirror folder.
    Question: can I copy the folders with the old modules (Mmm-assistantmk2, MMM-Pages, etc…) in the new MagicMirror installation?


  • Module Developer

    Some modules could be copied. But some modules couldn’t. They needs new installation for dependencies.

  • @sean Let’s take the example of the “AssistantMk2” module.
    To copy the module I should follow these steps:

    • Install the pre-dependencies: sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev sox libsox-fmt-all

    • I copy the “MMM-AssistantMk2” folder to the new “modules” folder.

    • In theory I should not follow the fourth chapter of the installation guide IV. Google Assistant Setup, because the configuration has already been implemented.

    All right?


  • Module Developer


    I copy the “MMM-AssistantMk2” folder to the new “modules” folder.

    I can not guarantee your copied folder might work because it is not “built/compiled” on new machine.