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Displayed Module Size (width) ?

  • Hi !

    I have the problem that the modules WunderGround and Calendar Ext (top right) align themselves with the length of the text in the module Calendar Ext and go to part well over half of the entire display.

    Is there a way to fix the width of the modules? e.g. 440 pixels?
    !1_1543568892750_img_1658(1).jpg 0_1543568892744_img_1694.jpg

  • Module Developer

    In many case, You can adjust specific module with this CSS selector.

    .clock {
      width: 400px;

    Or you can adjust all modules in specific region with this pattern; region.[REGIONNAME] .module

    region.right .module {
      width: 400px;

    But some module could override its CSS with higher priority, in that case; Examine all the CSS then solve it one by one.


    • For CalenderExt, you can use ellipsis: 20 for truncating title.

    Anyway, I’m building new calendar module with new parser and looks.

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