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debug Log in MacOs console

  • Hello,
    Just a neewbie question, tried to find answer by myself but I am very stuck.
    How to display logs in macOs terminal? (I am using my mac for developing locally modules). Log are correctly displayed on my raspberry.
    Try to find something in macos console but with no luck.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Ok, I can now display logs in macos terminal.

    Just noticed that logger in core file does not work, for instance … only ‘console.log’ in node_helper.js work.

    Also directly tried console.log in core file but no success.

    Is there something to activate to get log in a core file?


  • My mistake, logs are actually in the web browser… Solved. ^^

  • Do you know of there is a way to get it to write to file or display it via a module?

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