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Where to buy cheap two-way mirror?

  • Hello, I am thinking about using this tutorial to create a magic mirror.
    My problem is that I don’t know what two-way mirror I should buy. I don’t want to break the bank just buying the mirror, but if it is required to have a specific type, I can see what I can do.
    I found this two-way mirror on amazon, but it is only 12x12 inches. Could I possibly buy two of these and cut one to fit the monitor? I was thinking about going to a secondhand store to buy a cheap monitor, do I need a specific monitor to have this work?

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    @ejach2000 - The tradeoff decisions in making a magic mirror are basically as follows:

    You can get a cheaper mirror surface by going with two-way acrylic. I used TAP Plastics and it worked okay. The two way glass produced better results, but you will have to decide if the difference is worth the extra cost.

    The other option is to purchase a two way mirror film and attach it to a piece of glass. This way takes patience and practice, but it is a decent way to save money.

    Don’t try to combine two pieces of glass into one mirror. The seam between the pieces will be very visible and will annoy you.

    You do not need a specific monitor. There are features that make the process easier for you during construction. Most importantly, IMHO, is that the power and HDMI connectors point down and not directly away from the screen. Secondly is the ability to accept an HDMI connection (lack of HDMI can be overcome with adapters).


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