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MMM-Hue-Lights - new module for your Philips Hue lights!

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    @christian said in MMM-Hue-Lights - new module for your Philips Hue lights!:


    I installed the module today with my Deconz gateway (not Hue).
    Everything works fine but I´m not able to use my defined groups.
    Lights are working great but the Hue bridge uses rooms and not groups, I think thats my problem.
    The Deconz gateway uses only lights and groups.

    The module MMM-Hue works great with the Deconz gateway but it´s basic. The new module looks much better.
    Is there a way to fix this problem?



    Sure - open up the mmm-hue-lights.js file and go to line 670.

    You’ll see a comment saying for the groups, let's immediately filter out anything that doesn't have a type of 'Room' and a code block that looks like this:

    Object.keys(data.groups).forEach(function(key) {
        var itemType = data.groups[key].type.toLowerCase();
        if (itemType !== 'room') {
            delete data.groups[key];

    If you delete or uncomment that code block, it will no longer filter out anything that isn’t a room.

  • @michael5r

    Ok, thank you for the fast reply. That’s working for me.


  • Hi,

    is there a way to get lights or groups sorted by name?


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    @christian Not currently - I’m just displaying them in the order that the API spits them out.

  • @michael5r Ah, ok. But it would be a nice feature for the future.

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    @christian Sure - post it as an issue/feature request in the Github repo for this package and I’ll find some time to build it!

  • Hi,

    I’ve recently installed this module and setup pretty painless. I am, however, having some issues in customising the display. As it’s likely me and not the module I thought here might be a better place than Github to ask.

    The first issue is that, despite setting the position to be middle_center it adamantly displays justified to the left. If I set it as bottom_center, bottom_right or a variety of other positions it displays as expected; but always to the left if middle_center selected.

    The second issue is that I can’t seem to get grid mode working. I’ve modified custom.css as advised, but it it just displays as a single column. I’ve even tried a full reboot of the RPi, but no difference.

    The third is more of a question as I can’t find out how to do this. One of the display examples has the left column with room groups and the right with individual lights. Can anyone point in the direction as to how to do this?

    Also - and I haven’t tried this yet - but has anyone tried this with two hubs?

    For completeness, the config.js looks like this:

                         module: "mmm-hue-lights",
                         position: "middle_center",
                         config: {
                                bridgeIp: "w.x.y.x",
                                user: "12345678901234567890",
                                displayType: "grid",
                                displayMode: "groups",
                                displayFilter: ['all'],
                                hideFilter: ['Annex'],
                                updateInterval: "5000"



  • Hi,

    Just to add that I have managed to work out why the multi-column grid wasn’t working - it was down to me adding the suggested lines between the default { } entries. Adding the lines at the very end of the file and I have columns at last! Just in case anyone else ever has the same issue the custom.css file looks like:

    body {


    .mmm-hue-lights .grid {
    width: auto;
    display: flex;
    flex-flow: row wrap;
    margin: -10px;
    max-width: none;
    justify-content: center;

    .mmm-hue-lights .grid .hue {
    width: calc(25% - 20px);
    margin: 10px;
    display: block;

    Still puzzling over how the example had rooms in one column and lights in another - if anyone knows I’d be grateful of the help.



  • Hi,

    very great module. Thanks for job.

    It’s not possible to just see ‘your Rooms’, same as android Hue official app ?

    Official app :

    alt text

    MagicMirror module :

    alt text

  • I don’t understand why settings 'displaymode: “groups” does not work 😞

    Setting ‘groups’ work only in mmm-hue-lights?js file, on config file does not work.