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  • Hello,
    I searched into the forum, but it seems that there is no easy way to use MagicMirror with a Caldav Calendar ??
    Does anyone here found any module or any trick that can work with ?

    I don’t have the administration right on this calendar, So I really would like a piece of code either to convert this Caldav to a ical (which) is working with magicmirros of a native code witch works with this kind of calendar.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Module Developer

    Is there no public or private url for .ics in your CALDAV service? CALDAV - iCAL relation is similar with HTTP - HTML. If there is no public/private URL to use, client should connect CALDAV server directly to get calendar information. But with my short research and test, there is not so good CALDAV client for nodejs yet. (some found, but not working or too heavy just to implement quickly.)

  • Module Developer

    Some calendar service like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar has a feature to import CALDAV calendar, But I’m not sure if it is possible, to export imported calendar again.

  • Thanks for your answer.
    No, There is no .ics url in my CALDAV service and No, I will not use a GAFAM to convert this calendar to a ics…
    i will probably need to run a service on the pi to locally convert the calendar

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