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Family Map - Location GPS coordinates tracker

  • I’d like to make a Custom Branch of the Module MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic that would take Marker positions from a constantly updated CSV file that would be either transmitted by a phone to my own server (ie Rpi), or just from an online location like Google Drive. I can easily get an app that transmits this data to my preferences (GPSLogger). Now I just need to learn JavaScript to modify the Module to pull the data I want.

    I figure I’d post here and see what you guys think. I’ve got lots of experience with C and Arduino programming … how hard could it be to pull a CSV file and parse the 2 coordinates that I need.

    I don’t think anyone has programmed such a Module yet and I see some interest (me included).

  • Check this module out… I use it to track my kids… Works great…

  • Ya, I did see that. I tried it … the Module wouldn’t load for me … I admit I didn’t try too hard though. For me the issue was 2 things.

    1. I didn’t like that I need to send my data to some server in Russia …
    2. I’ve already got a lot of Modules … I don’t really want to find the space for another map.

    So that’s why I want to combine my Traffic Map from Google (which is great for showing traffic), with a simple Marker overlay showing Family location.

    0_1545189493591_Magic Mirror Setup.png

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