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HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor question

  • Hi there,

    got a simple question about the Ultrasonic sensor that I want to use with module MMM-Swipe (it uses 2 Ultrasonic sensors) to controle how I go from one page to the next and back: Can I just drill 4 holes in my frame for the sender and reciever “tubes”? Or am I blocking other things that are on the little board by doin gso?

    When I google for support items there is also a hole for this metalic part with 4.000 on it.
    NO idea what it it’s function is but just asking here before I build my frame and later find out I needed to cut that out to. 😅 😅 😅

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    @mwel1977 - You should be good with just the emitters exposed. The easy way to test it out is to rig it up to your Pi and prototype your frame cutouts with a piece of thin cardboard. Start by connecting everything and making sure you get signal and the module works. Block everything with the cardboard and verify that you have blocked the signal. Then cut out holes for the tubes and try again. If it works, use the cardboard as the template for your cutouts in your frame. If it doesn’t cut out a hole for the silver thing and try that way.

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