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MMM-Podcast need Help

  • Hallo,
    i have 6 pages realized with MMM-Page-Selector, and everything works like a charm.
    With MMM-Buttons i can change the sides.

    I want on page six the Video from Tagesschau
    So I have installed MMM-Podcast,
    npm install omx-manager
    npm install omxdirector
    and omxplayer are the newest version 061425a (master)
    But when pressing button the page six come and Only the text.
    What do I am wrong.
    Thanks and sorry for my english.

    My Config:
    module: ‘MMM-Podcast’,
    name: “podcast”,
    config: {
    feedurl: ‘

    achte: {
    “podcast”: “middle_center”

  • Module Developer

    Do you only select page6 with your buttons? For playing a video with MMM-Podcast you need 2 things:

    1. video must be downloaded to pi (does the module itself, but your not able to play it, unless it is downloaded complete)
    2. you have to send a notification BUTTON_PRESSED to MMM-Podcast (see line 77


  • Thank you very much for the hint!
    I’m not very familiar with Coding, learning by doing 😉
    Where and how do I have to insert this now?
    My code for buttons is like this:

    module: 'MMM-Buttons',
        config: {
            maxShortPressTime: 500,
            minLongPressTime: 2000,
            buttons: [
                    pin: 23, //The pin that connects your first button
                    name: "Main Page Button", // Or whatever you really want
                    longPress: {
                        notification: "PAGE_SELECT",
                        payload: "sechste" // in English sixt, here are the podcast!
                    shortPress: {
                        notification: "PAGE_SELECT",
                        payload: "fuenfte" // fifth

    Sorry for my bed english

  • Module Developer

    There is missing a config for “Button_Pressed”, but this doesnt matter right now, the module seems to be broken because of the yahoo API. I opened an issue for the module.
    How many buttons are connected to your pi?


  • Thanks, yes I understand that is missing a config. But where must this be and how looks the code.

    I have 6 Push buttons installed 🙂
    0_1546684137698_IMG_2664 (1).jpg

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