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RPI Picture Frame?

  • Hi all, just wondering if there’s any software out there now which can run kind of a rolling picture frame which has lets say 6 or so pictures on screen and will update them from pics saved in a directory or on the Pi’s D card directly. I was thinking of doing this and hanging it on the wall rather than actually printing pictures old school.

    thank you !

  • Not sure if that’s exactly what you’re looking for but have you tried Kodi?

  • @madscientist said in RPI Picture Frame?:


    I havent but can that run off a pi? I’m literally looking for like a fixed frame format where the pictures just rotate from a directory (it’s for an older person so they wouldn’t have instagram or some online photos)

  • Of course it runs on a Pi. Even a Pi0. You can either directly use OpenElec, an SD card image that runs Kodi directly, or install it via sudo apt-get install kodi. It’s a general mediaplayer that can also display pictures and shuffle through them. Though, I don’t know how to set it up to load the pictures automatically after booting. That’s what you’ll have to find out.

  • @madscientist Great, I am going to check it out, thank you so much !

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