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2nd Calendar won't display

  • I am a bit lost here, I read lot of posts regarding how to add a 2nd calendar but despite my efforts 😜 I couldn’t find any solutions to fix my problem. Indeed, i can’t display 2 calendars in either the standard or the MMM-MyCalendar module. No idea why as the output of npm start dev does apparently not show any errors…
    Don’t know where to look!

    MM is running with the latest version
    OS : Jessie / RPi3
    node v6.9.1
    npm 3.10.8

                    module: "MMM-MyCalendar",
                            position: "top_left",   // This can be any of the regions. Best results in left or right regions.
                            config: {
                                    colored: true,
                                    maximumEntries: 2,
                                            calendars: [
                                                            url: '',
                                                            symbol: 'calendar',
                                                            color: '#99FF99'
                                                            url: '',
                                                            symbol: 'calendar',
                                                            color: '#ffb350'

    Any help would be muchhh appriciated!
    Thx a lot

  • share a screenshot. It is only display the first one or none?

  • Thx @costascontis for your feedback. I can’t share a screenshot right now but yes it shows only the first one. The one in the array of my calendar. Obviously only the 2 first entries as set in the option.

  • so, i just tested this, multi-calendar does work… BUT…

    you MUST pick the {PUBLIC ical URL)… becasue the mirror is NOT running any USER on the web…

    when u get the url in the google calendar settings, from the ‘public url’

    Public address in iCal format

    you should be able to put that url in a web browser and download the entries…

    in the MM config, change https:// to webcal://


    the calendar MUST be marked public, in the access permissions

  • Hi @sdetweil, thx for your help and inputs! Indeed, i also figure it out BUT few things for the ones who also struggle with. (might be obvious for some but not for others… 🙂 )

    1. make sure the calendar you are using has in fact upcoming events!
      even if the option maximumNumberOfDays is set to default = 365days and your calendar has an event in the next month e.g, the module will not show it! (don’t know why).
    2. If you want to have 2 separate calendars… one after the other, with header title, => double the module entry in config.js!
    3. what @sdetweil stated.

    have fun! 🙂

  • @bibi 1 added a calendar entry for later the same day as I was configing the dual calendars…

    long as public, all ok…

    yes, you need different IDs for the calendar definitions

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