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Bug in Calendar Module ?

  • Hi !

    Yesterday i checked my Caledar on the Mirror (2.6.0) in found something strange …

    Is that a Bug or are there worng Settings in the config.js

    Here is the Picture:

    Please look at the current Date and the Family Calendar

    This are the Settings in my config.js

    			module: "calendar",
    			position: "top_left",
    			header: "Familienkalender",
    			config: {
    				calendars: [
    						symbol: "calendar-check-o ",
    						url: "webcal://xxxx.ics"
    				titleReplace: {
    					"De verjaardag van ": "",
    					"'s birthday": ""
    				excludedEvents: [
    				maxTitleLength: 30,
    				urgency: 3,
    				maximumEntries: 15,
    				colored: true,
    				coloredSymbolOnly: true,
    				timeFormat: "absolute",
    				dateFormat: "Do MMM",
    				fullDayEventDateFormat: "Do MMM"
    /your code here

    urgency is set to 3

    But the 17th is not displayed as tomorrow or in 1 days
    and the first entry of the 18th is not displayed as in2 days like the 2nd entry at 18th …

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