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Error installing electron-chromedriver with npm.

  • Hello!
    I have my Mirror for over two years now and fresh installed it several times.
    Since the MM-update to 2.6.0 I’m not able to install it anymore. I even fresh installed the whole system without success so I hope you guys can help me 🙂

    After git pulling the MM files and cd’ing into MagicMirror folder the “npm install” command fails at installing electron-chromedriver.
    To me it looks like a permission problem, but even sudo or chown doesn’t do the trick (or maybe I’m to noob).

    This is how every attempt to install MM ends:

    I’m sure I just miss something very basic 😃

  • bump

    sry for pushing, but I still wasn’t able to solve this problem. My Mirror is dead for about two months now 😞

    electron just refuses to get installed on my pi

  • that error is typically cause NPM is downlevel…


    npm i -g npm

    to update

  • Thank you!
    An updated npm did the trick for me 🙂
    My Mirror is up again!


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