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GPS location

  • What about a module that shows a map with the GPS location of all the family members?

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    @teitlebot - I have a module idea that would use this information. It’s on the back burner for now until I finish some other projects. So far, the rough part is getting every family member’s GPS location from their cell phones.

    If you do a search for Weasley Clock (aka Location Clock) then you can see the various ways others have solved this issue. It’s certainly possible.

  • @bhepler thanks for the info, seems interesting. keep me updated.

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    Will do. It seems like all the components are there. One of those location clocks had a full walkthrough, including how to hook up the gears. The app for the phone exists, code examples exist, etc. The app includes a free tier of location processing & storage, so it seems like all of the hard stuff has already been done.

    I have one more mirror on my plate before I start work on my Weasley Clock. It should be fairly easy to turn that into a module. Should.

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