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Bathroom mirror and humidity

  • If you put your mirror in the bathroom. Would humidity be a problem?

  • @Stellanova
    I build a bathroom mirror and its doing well (but installed it just a few days before). See my thread: link
    I read a lot about humidity and elektronics, but could not get a valid result if a monitor would get damaged or not.

    I think it also depends a bit in how your bathroom is constructed and how humidity is handled. My bathroom is based on chalk walls which absorb nearly 85% of the fog i produce when i shower.

    The monitor i used for my mirror, has also no air holes at the back. I think this will also prevent some damage…

  • @Stellanova I build mirrors for the bathrom with 23.6 inch ips touch screen. I build in the components behind the mirror so it meets the ip65 standar.

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