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  • I have a short question. How i can add more comands to the modul? I want tap to the center and the pi make a reboot as example. How i can do this?

  • Module Developer

    As far as I read, that module can emit only notification without payload.
    If you want to extend the feature;

    1. Modify module itself for your expectation.
    2. Or make your own module to do your job when notification from MMM-Hover is coming.
    3. Or You can use MMM-NotificationTrigger to convert notification from MMM-Hover to other job(another notification or execution of shell command)

  • @sean i use the hover to change the pages with left/right buttons. Is it easy to ad a new command?

  • Module Developer

    @skorpionbird It depends on what you mean ‘command’
    Command for Page increment and decrement is easy enough. That is prepared by other module with simple notification. But By example; for reboot; you need something(module, shell command or script or extern application.) to do really reboot. Then you also need an activator which relay MMM—Hover to that command execution. Hover itself doesn’t have that feature, you should do one of options which is described in above post.

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