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Default Calendar - Sub-headers "Today" / "Tomorrow" / "Coming Next"

  • Hi all,

    I would like to have sub headers or sub categories within the default calendar module to make the split between today / tomorrow / coming next more visible / obvious (maily for my kids when looking at the Mirror and trying to understand what is the today’s Schedule)

    I first tried with 3 different instances of calendar module with different options (maxNumberOfDays) but I’m facing the issue where “maximumNumberOfDays” parameter from second instance is overwriting the parameter from the first instance and everything is screwn up as all 3 instances then have the same list of events…
    Refer to : Default Calendar Multiple instances

    I decided to create this new post to highlight to the real & initial need behind and see if someone could help by creating those sub-headers / category as maybe others could be interested.


  • Module Developer

    Well if you take the “date headers” option and play with urgency, get Relative and some other config options, the mirror should show you

    and then the rest of the dates.
    WOuld that be sufficient?

  • @lavolp3 thanks, it’s worth giving it a trial I believe. It could maybe be sufficient. Just need to figure out the options & parameters to play with to get it done.
    I will give it a trial.

  • Module Developer

    @bolish I 'm just seeing that dateheaders does not show today for today and tomorrow for tomorrow.
    But I want to have it in there, so I’ll create a PR for the next version.
    If you like, I could give you the code amendments here to implement for your own calendar until then

  • @lavolp3
    Thanks for that.
    Indeed, it would be perfect if I could have a preview so i can give it a try on my side.!
    You rock!

    I will then check how to play with GetRelative and Urgency as for now the difference between those 2 doesn’t seems obvious to me.

  • @lavolp3
    Would you mind trying to solve this one also (both are related to the same topic) :
    MMForum Post
    Same Issue on GitHub

    within your PR?

    I still would like to have 2 different instances which doesn’t overwrite each other.

    If OK for you, I will close the other post and refer to this one.


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