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does the monitor have to be right up against the 2way mirror or is a space between good?

  • title explains it…monitor is 3/4 and inch 1.75cm approximately, bigger than the frame… can I put the monitor against the frame with a .5 in space between the 2way and the monitor?
    need real answers fast because im building the thing now that I have the software set up and I don’t want to complete the build to find out there cant be a space… please help if you have experience.

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    As good as close. If there is a gap, light interference and inner reflection would be.

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    My first mirror had about a 1/2" gap between the monitor and the acrylic. It was necessary due to the way I build the monitor mounts. You could see the depth between the mirror surface and the monitor and the light transmission wasn’t as good as it could have been. I regret not figuring out a better mounting solution.

    All that said: It will work. You can check out the link above and see the results.

    (of course, now that I think about it… I just came up with a better mounting solution. Dammit.)

  • great job man looks great! hopefully mine will come out as good. ill go ahead with the building now. also the mirror is a tiny bit bigger than the monitor. should I put something in that space? maybe some paper or something so it wont be see through.

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    @steed - yes, you should. I used black construction paper from Michaels.

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