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CalDAV with Synology

  • Re: ICS calendar not working (Synology NAS)

    Hi everybody,

    did anybody managed to get CalDAV working between Synology NAS Calendar and MM2 ? The problem is that the synology nas calender does not provide an ics file. The link I got from my synology works perfectly in thunderbird calendar app, but not on the mirror.

    Any tips?

    Kind Regards

  • I got it. For those who have the same problem:

    You have to export your calendar as ics file. That can be done automatically if you set the Url in your module to:


    You need the Thunderbird caldav link and add the ?export behind it. That’s all.


  • Hi Kay,

    I’ve exactly the same problem, but can still not solve it with your proposed URL (&export).
    The Thunderbird and the Max OS links are working fine.
    The Thunderbird link is as follows (server name replaced by localhost):


    So, I assume I have to use


    But that doesn’t work.

    So I varied the link with localhost,, my public dyndns address, with and without &export
    Nothing helps.

    Can you help me with that? Could https be a problem?

    Best regards,

  • Ok, I solved it temporarily by using unencrypted http and port 5000.

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