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Magicmirror display google reviews???

  • Hi everyone. Is there a way to have the magicmirror pull google reviews for my business and display them like it does the newsfeed?

    I have it set up in the waiting room of my office, without the mirror part as an information board to display the time, weather, etc. I think it would be cool to have testimonials rotate through as well and since they are on google when you search the business I’m wondering if there’s a way to have them come up.

    I have no knowledge of coding and all of this. I was only able to get this thing working by searching others questions and copy/pasting the code into magicmirror.

    Thank you!

  • Can I bump this? Perhaps rather than the whole review just have the star rating visible like I have with my Facebook likes? Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance

  • @Hellonoonan I don’t think anything like this exists today. I don’t know what the API capabilities are for getting access to the data.

    But I think it should be possible with development

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