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MMM-MyCalendar stuck on loading

  • Heey I have installed your MMM-MyCalendar module last week and can’t make it work. Even the default config is stuck on loading… The default calendar module works fine. But i like the lay-out of this one allot more. Can you help me with fixing this?

    This is my config: (copied and pasted from MMM-MyCalendar.js)

    			module: "MMM-MyCalendar",
    			header: "Huize Achterom",
    			position: "top_left",
    			config: {
    				maximumEntries: 10, // Total Maximum Entries
    				maximumNumberOfDays: 365,
    				displaySymbol: true,
    				defaultSymbol: "calendar", // Fontawesome Symbol see
    				displayRepeatingCountTitle: false,
    				defaultRepeatingCountTitle: "",
    				maxTitleLength: 25,
    				fetchInterval: 5 * 60 * 1000, // Update every 5 minutes.
    				animationSpeed: 2000,
    				fade: true,
    				urgency: 7,
    				useRelativeDates: false,
    				dayOfWeekFormat: "dddd",
    				dateFormat: "MMMM D",
    				timeFormat: "h:mm A",
    				joiningWord: "at",
    				getRelative: 6,
    				fadePoint: 0.25, // Start on 1/4th of the list.
    				hidePrivate: false,
    				colored: false,
    				calendars: [
    					symbol: "calendar",
    					url: "",

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