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Two way mirror film

  • @dæmoneyes Yeah I think they have different uses. I was actually wondering if with an old sumsung PC monitor that I was actually going to keep the case after appling the film and rehouse as a table mirror.
    I guess there are different qualities of film and don’t forget to get external mirror film than the internal stuff where the adhesive and mirror are the wrong way round.

    alt text

    Just a 22" stand was pretty nice and the cost would of been a Pi-Zero W + Buck convertor + £10 Film and some bits and bats but yeah it would of been ok.
    Pi was just going to get epoxied onto the back via some 10mm plastic standoffs.

  • @dæmoneyes yes correct, but if you aren’t going to do a mirror bigger than let’s say a A4 paper then you can ask Pilkington to send you a free sample.

    I did and they sent it without any hassle. 😉

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