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Help with google assistant features using mmm-assistantmk2

  • Hi there

    I’ve installed MagicMirror2 with hotword and assistantmk2. After a lot of effort I was able to have them installed and working.

    The question I have is: how can I setup the google assistant so that I can make use of Scenes in Google Assistant Routines, just like if I have google home around (turn on/off lights, turn on/off TVs and others IR devices using Broadlink pro, play Netflix in Living room, play spotify in terrace, etc.)

    All your help is more than welcome to have it up and running.

  • I’m trying to get this working as well, not with Scenes but just with Routines in general. I have a couple of Routines setup in the Google Assistant app on my iPhone, but the MMM-AssistantMk2 module doesn’t recognize them. I realize it isn’t a full-featured Google Assistant but I was hoping Routines would be accessible. Anyone done it?

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