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Default Calendar optimization: suggestions?

  • Module Developer

    Hi all,
    I am currently putting some work into the default calendar module and making quite some changes, because there are some odd things showing up here and there.

    Basically there have been some glitches in giving events absolute or relative dates, depending on the timeFormat chosen and the event being at very specific times in the future.

    However there’s one thing that really annoys me and that is the results you get if you activate “showEnd”

    Relative mode with showEnd activated:

    Anyevent         in 2 days - 17:00
    Anyevent2      in 3 days - 22:00

    Absolute mode with getrelative and showEnd activated:

    Anyevent          in 1 hour - 22:00
    Anyevent 2        Wed, 24.02. - 17.00

    Printing an end time without a start time here does not make any sense imo.
    So I was thinking “OK add a start time then” (that’s done in my fork) but is that a good solution? I’m not sure. You can also add the start time of an event to the dateFormat config entry but then it won’t work if it’s getting relative.

    Has anyone already thought about this or does anyone have any suggestions how to deal with this?

    Happy about any contributions!


  • Module Developer

    My MMM-CalendarExt2 supports various formats. You can get some idea from it.

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