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Voice control: Alexa vs Google Assistant

  • Has anyone used both Alexa and Google Assistant modules? In currently trying to get MMM-awesome-alexa to work but i can’t get the install to run right, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a better module for either Alexa or if there is a better one for Google. I would probably be open to trying that as well if it was either able to do the same or more than awesome-alexa? Just want good voice control for my mirror but MMM-awesome-alexa is being a big pain in my ass at the moment and i can’t figure out how to fix it so I’m open to suggestions haha thanks in advance!

  • try MMM-AlexaPi.

    i have already installed alexapi and trying to add google assistant but its giving me error of speaker/mic is already in use… so its hard i am trying if i found out something then i will get back to you…

  • @siddhartha I used MMM-Alexa

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