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Missing Config.js entry and options

  • Hey everyone,

    As I’ve noted on here before. I’m pretty new at this so if there is a comma or a bracket missing somewhere, I really have a hard time.

    I’m almost complete on the construction of my mirror and have pretty well given up on playing any decent YouTube playlist as it just doesn’t want to play , ,but I can’t seem to find the config portion of the last few modules I wanted to install.

    Such as these two:

    Why are some modules missing the Config.js entry and where do I go get them?


  • @lpgjg mmm recipe is there, just not clear, bottom text

    { module: 'MMM-Recipe', position: 'bottom_bar', config: { video: true //default is true if you want to be able to play video of recipe updateInterval: 180 * 60 * 1000, // every 3 hours Suggest you don't do it more often then this. } }

    rotten tomatoes, everything is optional…

    so as always the minimum module config is

    module: "module_name",
       config: {}

    so …

       module: "MMM-RottenTomatoes",
       config: {}

  • Works fine now. thanks, really appreciate it. If it’s not an exact copy and paste, it’s a challenge for me. But getting there.

    Now it a question of playing around trying to get mmm-recipe to show correctly on the bottom_right

    tks again

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