@Mykle1 said in 2020 Outdated setup tutorials for popular Modules Amazon / Insta:


Authors of modules and documentation come and go. The ones that are still with us are happy to support their modules. Help for unsupported modules comes from the community, if possible. Documentation is slow to be updated if unsupported. I mean really, who wants to update someone else’s tutorial or readMe? It does happen, albeit, infrequently.

As @sdetweil said, “This is a volunteer organization” and “in the open source world that leadoff (if someone) means YOU”. I’m sure you’ve noticed the level of help here. It’s pretty amazing, especially where @sdetweil is concerned. He’s a one man wrecking crew. (Shut up Sam, accept the praise gracefully).

So, ask for help when you need it. Offer help where you can. And have those documents and tutorials up to date and rewritten by Monday morning. 😉

Seriously, have some fun. 👍

Monday? Why so long … should be able to have that done tonight…