@Sonic @alang @Sun I have the same problem. I am just testing this so I am using the following but no matter what I do the modules stack. I have tried this as well as other modules (eg currentweather) and everything does the same. Is Carousel no longer working?

{ module: "weatherforecast", position: "bottom_left", header: "Weather Forecast", config: { location: "Brisbane", locationID: "2174003", appid: "secret!" } }, { module: "MMM-Bob-Ross", position: "bottom_left", config: { imgHeight: "30vh", videoHeight: "30vh", updateInterval: 1*60*60*1000, autoPlay: false } }, { module: 'MMM-Carousel', config: { transitionInterval: 10000, mode: 'positional', bottom_left: {enabled: true} } }