There are no clear rules for creating topics or responding to posts on forums in general. Each one is different, each one will have its own set of rules to abide to and what you can or can’t do. However, what we can do is offer guidelines. So here goes: If you are a new user, please take the time to read the Announcements topic. Besides a warm welcome from the creator of MagicMirror, other forum specific announcements will be available there. Search the forum to see if your topic is already covered. Perhaps another user had the same issue, perhaps a solution has already been posted. Try to post your topic in the relevant forum section. This I can not state often enough. And with that, stay on topic! If you’re responding to someone else’s post, please stay on topic and don’t interrupt the topic of discussion (or hijack their topic.) When posting pieces of code, please use the available markdown to better highlight those sections. If you need help with the Markdown, please see this page on Please do not double post, as in, don’t post the same topic or question into multiple different categories. Not only does it make it difficult to follow a thread, it’s makes it hard on yourself to follow where someone has said what, and who’s responding to what. If you’ve posted something and you think it’s in the wrong category, let one of the admins know and if they feel it doesn’t belong there, your topic will get moved into the correct category. When replying to a specific post, mind the quoting of the previous message in yours. If a post is right above yours and all you’re doing is responding with a ‘Yes.’, ‘Me too.’, ‘Where to get that?’, there is no sense in quoting the message. You can delete it, or click on the ‘Reply’ button below the thread as opposed to the message itself. If you DO need to quote someone, consider trimming the message to only the relevant parts that pertains to your response. Quoting entire messages just adds more stuff to scroll through and read and things get lost. Be civil with each other, act in a give-and-take manner, don’t chastise a new user, instead help guide them. And particularly because this forum happens to have folks from several different countries with different languages, try to speak in a way that others will understand you. Using slang might be understood by some, but not others. The same applies to humor, some people might understand you, and others might not, and yet others who might get offended. I’m not suggesting you be strict and dry as a shriveled up prune, but just be mindful of the language barriers here. Please use expressive titles that do not just consist of one word but give you a impression of what the topic is about. Am I boring you yet? Well good, you read this far. Seriously folks, have fun, enjoy, post your mirror issues, questions, or other relevant topics. We’re all here to learn from one another, and showcase our work. Go forth and code!