Hi guys.

I can’t explain how much I love to see this community, just the story about how MagicMirror came to be.
This is truly remarkable. I’ve decided to make a mirror of my own and I’m already begun to purchase the main parts.

Before my mirror can be fully functional I’ll have to develop some modules for it - but, first things first. When you’re using open source and have the opportunity to contribute, you’re in my opinion obliged to do so.

I’m offering to translate your modules from English to Danish. No matter if it’s a small module with 1 string, or a big one with 1.000+ strings.
My only demand is that the module is open source and free to use for others MagicMirror users.

Just post a GitHub repository link for your MagicMirror module in this thread, and I will fork it, translate it and create a pull request 🙂