@Tracy said in “Virtual” Window How-To?: I’ve seen the Sky Factory website, and that’s exactly what I am talking about I was only using it as a place for others to focus on your requirements/idea, not ‘the’ solution. cost should be fairly low… I put together a 32 in tv based photoframe for $125, all in. and I have a 55 in 4k tv in my office, i bought new for $220+$50 for my SBC (pi/odroid/jetson nano) the rest is software and some configuration… if you want an actual window look, the framing is a little bit more… go to a habitat for humanity store and get a removed window… (I am speaking US locations). but u can prove the system quickly with any computer monitor… I would go for the higher end SBC, if u want smoother motion on screen (more lifelike)