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“Virtual” Window How-To?

  • Hi,

    I’m so out of my league in this forum because I know zero about any of this, but thought I would ask to see if anyone would be kind enough to give very detailed instructions, possibly with step-by-step photos or step-by-step video for the “dummy” in the room! 😬😅

    Generally, from the few things I’ve seen just browsing online is that it’s potentially possible to take an old computer monitor, hook up a raspberry pi to the monitor and then login to a website that provides live webcams, or I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that you can purchase prerecorded 24-hour looped videos, download and save them on an SD card or thumb drive. Then you build an actual window frame, maybe add some window grates and a sill to fit over/around the monitor, hang it on the wall and play your “virtual” window.

    My apologies in advance for any improper terminology I’m using. Remember please, I’m the “dummy” in the room!! Lol!!

    I have an office with no physical windows, and I really want something that will at least slightly compare to the real thing to feel I’m seeing out an actual window.

    The virtual window posters on Amazon just don’t do it!! I can have a better “view” looking at my Windows shuffling screensaver! Lol!!




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  • @Tracy i don’t know about the videos, but playing a video onto a monitor full screen should be easily done…

    portrait mode might be more challenging…

    I might have started a different way…

    my office has no windows, and I’d like to create something that gives the appearance of same…

    I think this describes what you want to do

    I don’t think u need MagicMirror for this…

  • @sdetweil Thank you for the link, Sam! I’ve seen the Sky Factory website, and that’s exactly what I am talking about. I believe purchasing from them is extremely pricy and is why I was hoping to put one together myself and have my husband make the window framing for it.
    I appreciate any information I can gather from anyone that’s willing to share it and give me their two cent’s worth about them! 🙂


  • @Tracy said in “Virtual” Window How-To?:

    I’ve seen the Sky Factory website, and that’s exactly what I am talking about

    I was only using it as a place for others to focus on your requirements/idea, not ‘the’ solution.

    cost should be fairly low… I put together a 32 in tv based photoframe for $125, all in.
    and I have a 55 in 4k tv in my office, i bought new for $220+$50 for my SBC (pi/odroid/jetson nano)

    the rest is software and some configuration…

    if you want an actual window look, the framing is a little bit more… go to a habitat for humanity store and get a removed window… (I am speaking US locations).

    but u can prove the system quickly with any computer monitor…

    I would go for the higher end SBC, if u want smoother motion on screen (more lifelike)

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