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[MMM-InternetRadio] - play internet radio stations

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    MagicMirror module for playing internet radio

    This module is based on the idea of using puppeteer taken from MMM-MusicOnDemand.

    It allows you yo configure most Internet Radio stations using selectors for items on the page to pick up:

    • artist and title of what’s currently playing
    • play and pause buttons

    Confirmed working environment:

    • Raspberry Pi 3b+ with Raspbian with preinstalled chromium
    • node 8.15.1
    • latest MagicMirror (v.2.6.0)


    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/
    git clone
    cd MMM-InternetRadio
    npm install

    It installs a puppeteer package with a chromium browser (~100mb-270mb). If you don’t want to use the puppeteer browser or if you’re running on a Raspberry Pi you may want to delete this extra chromium browser:

    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-InternetRadio/node_modules/puppeteer
    rm -r .local-chromium


    Copy the following to your config.txt:

    			module: "MMM-InternetRadio",
    			position: "middle_center",
    			config: {

    The module is by default configured to play RMF Classic, RMF Celtic and Encore

    Additional configuration

    Additional stations can be configured using the following syntax:

    		stations: [
    				name: "RMF Classic",
    				url: ",7",
    				titlePath: '#content > #player-box-container > div > #player-box > #player-infos > div > #player-texts > #now-playing > div.title',
    				artistPath: '#content > #player-box-container > div > #player-box > #player-infos > div > #player-texts > #now-playing > div.artist',
    				coverPath: '#content > #player-box-container > div > #player-box > #player-infos > div > #cover-container > #cover > img',
    				playPath: '#player-icon',
    				pausePath: '#player-icon',
    				footerWait: '#footer',
    • name - name of station
    • url - link to “Listen live” or similar page that actually plays the sound
    • titlePath, artistPath, coverPath - selectors for, respectively, title, artist and cover image - should point to some elements of the page to dislay appropriate info about what’s playing
    • playPath, pausePath - selectors for clickable buttons to play and stop sound - may, in many cases, point to the same item
    • footerWait - item on the page to wait for to ensure page has finished loading - should be any item towards the end of the page, or empty string to disable waiting - usually good to have one defined, but not needed with decent connections

    The module also has two icons to control volume, sending VOLUME_UP and VOLUME_DOWN notifications, usually for use with MMM-Volume


    See MMM-MusicOnDemand for info about using puppeteer and chromium.

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