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  • Hi all, i just want to share this with you guys…

    everyday after coming home from work i work in making my Magic Mirror, mostly the hardware part currently i am working on… . I mean cooling fan, power adaptors etc…

    today i had planned to rip open & disassemble my monitor… and dont know why today i thought to read my horoscope,… just like that… i dont usually read it…

    My horoscope said:
    Sudden and unexpected problems could have your household in chaos, Aries. This probably doesn’t relate to difficulties with your housemates. It’s more likely to involve problems with wiring, appliances, or phone lines. It could be annoying to deal with repairmen in and out of your house, but you will have to bear with it. You want your household back to normal as soon as possible.

    So today i cancelled to work on monitor, i dont wanna blow up fuse or something!! …instead i am working on the frame drawing, etc…

    my horoscope

    I dont really believe in it but still to be on the safe side i am not doing anything with wires & electricity today…!!


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    So I guess this is the first module you’ll install:

  • @retroflex said in Horoscope!:


    So I guess this is the first module you’ll install:

    Thanks, i will try it… May be i start reading daily 😊

    First modules to install were the default modules 😂 then i installed email, etc… But overtall building the case, frame of magic mirror is pending…

    Finally i decided to bulid Magic Mirror hardware part first… Because installing modules and editing config.js, making changes to how it looks, it is like super extra long process for me… I am a newbie and its hard for me to write the code, edit CSS etc.

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