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the installation does not end

  • hi all
    I have never managed to install magicmirror with rasbian Stretch, so I took the jessie (full) with all upgrade, but when I install magic miror, the system seems to no longer respond …
    after the question “do you want to use pm2 for auto starting”
    and then I have lines "extract: moment: sill extract moment@ ^ 2.22.2 extracted to … and it stays like that, thank you for helping me 🙂

  • oups… seems all is ok now
    i restarted the raspberry,

    run again npm install
    cp config/config.js.sample config/config.js0_1552833744501_2019-03-17 15_40_54-raspberrypi.png
    npm start
    and tadaaa… work in progress for configuration ^_^

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