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Screen is a dark grey, not jet black

  • hello,

    I am currently building my first mirror and I have ran into the issue where my mirror background doesn’t seem to be jet black, more of a dark dark grey. I noticed this because when I tried to cover up the unused space behind the mirror that the monitor wasn’t occupying I could clearly tell a divide between the monitor and the black pasteboard I used to cover up the space. Could anyone help me with this?

  • Module Developer

    Hi @pbrown17 ,

    can you please provide any picture of the Mirror? I am guessing that the grayish background you experience if due to the backlight of your monitor.
    You can also check the MagicMirror screen on another device.

  • Project Sponsor

    Yeah, simple solution?
    Add more light in the room where the mirror is.

    Another solution is to change the mirror to one that lets less light through (this will obviously also affect everything else displayed on the monitor).

    And third solution is to get an OLED display that doesn’t have the same backlight issues as normal LED TFT’s has.

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