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Frame supplier in Germany

  • I made a frame on my own, but it does not look so good.
    Does anyone know a carpenter in Germany who could build the frame for a reasonably price?

    I want to attach the frame to the wall, it should be removable by using a screw and an eyelet attached to the mirror.
    the Display and the screen should be removable, in case the screen is not working anymore.

    Screen and Display have approximately the same size (the glass is a bit smaller but that should be fine when the frame has an overhang.

    I asked a few Carpenters near Düsseldorf, but did not get a reasonable response or quote.
    The last one made an offer of 950€ for the frame. But thats way to much.

    BTW: i asked the same guy a year ago, then he told me another price, but this offer was not written down by him, so now he “can’t remember anymore”

  • What about a frame from aluminum?
    I got a mirror with aluminum frame from Ikea and asked a friend to shorten it on the size I need.
    He could keep the mirror glass and I’ve got my frame.

  • Depending on what size you need, just check out IKEA’s picture frames. I use RIBBA 10x15cm frames for my small “wall projects” with arduinos, they have a few centimeters of space between the frame and the wall to put all the electronics. I don’t know if it’s thick enough for the average monitor to fit in, but you should give it a look. The problem is, since they are built to be cheap, that any frames over 40x70cm (i think) are built with a plexiglass front instead of real glass. That means they are not able to hold the weight of a glass two-way mirror without modification.

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