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Multiple instances of MMM-DarkSkyForecast with MMM-pages

  • @justjim1220 Yes! This is what I was after! Thank you! Your repo,, doesn’t include the icons directory so I had to copy from MMM-DarkSkyForecast, symlink didn’t work.

  • @justjim1220
    I want Do this with different calendar on different pages.
    Can You Tell me, how You copy a module and rename it?

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    @Clubjack I had recently exactly the same issue with MMM-ioBroker, where I needed 2 instances of that module running. Finally, after some research I found the solution and documented in my private Wiki. Here is the documentation I wrote. After setting up that 2nd instance you can configure each instance separately and declare it in MMM-pages.
    Here we go:

    In some cases you may need to run 2 or more instances of the same module in MM, e.g. for public transportation. Some MMMs can then be put into config.js just on a different position and parameterized as needed. Unfortunatelly, not all MMMs support that.
    The reason is that all those instances will share the same node_helper and therefore get the same socketnotifications.

    To solve this problem you can try to duplicate the MMM with a different name and call it in the config.js. There is no guarantee that it works, but worth to try.

    Following steps have to be done:

    1. Go to the modules folder and copy the whole module with a different name (in this example I’ll refer to MMM-ioBroker)
    $ cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
    $ cp -a MMM-ioBroker/ MMM-ioBroker2
    1. Go to ./MMM-ioBroker2 and change the .js of the module script accordingly
    $ mv MMM-ioBroker.js MMM-ioBroker2.js
    1. Edit in MMM-ioBroker2.js the string to
    Module.register('MMM-ioBroker2', {
    1. In some cases it might also be necessary to change the .css file name, too, incl. any reference to the instance name in the file.
    $ mv MMM-ioBroker.css MMM-ioBroker2.css

    And then edit or replace all occurences of ‘MMM-ioBroker’ with ‘MMM-ioBroker2’ in MMM-ioBroker2.css.

  • @Fozi
    Thank You guy.
    I will test it at the weekend.
    That sounds good. 👍🏽

  • @Fozi
    Tryed your way, but get some issues with the modules. Is it right that i must use mv and not cp for the namechange from the. js?

  • @Clubjack said in Multiple instances of MMM-DarkSkyForecast with MMM-pages:

    mv and not cp


    mv is the rename

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    @Clubjack if you use ‘cp’ then the file is really copied under a new name. The original file will still exist.
    If you use ‘mv’ then the file will be renamed, there will no copy of that file.

    Thus use ‘mv’ to rename the files. Otherwise you’ll have two .js files in your module.

    Edit: @sdetweil was 10 sec. quicker than me😂

  • Thanks. But i think it dosnt work with this Module.

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