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MMM-AssistantMk2 German gActions

  • Hello MM-Forum,
    I use the MMM-AssistantMk2 module for voice recognition and I wanted to know if anyone has ever gotten gActions in German or any other language except English to work. English works for me but not German. Also I made two seperate JSON Action-Files with “locale”: “de” and “locale”: “en”. The assistant just always answers with the standard answer, that it set a timer but nothing happens.
    I also noticed that there is sometimes no voice response, is that server-side?
    Thanks, dv46

  • Module Developer

    For localization, ref this.
    But even for me, many things are not documented by google. Sdk is still on beta stage.

    For audio response, sometimes audio data comes too lately. Unfortunately there is no good way to measure whether audio is just late or broken or missed. Maybe I can add timeover and waiting response features on next version.(I’m building whole new v3. In a few weeks I can release it.)