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MM as a screensaver

  • Just an idea…i run my MM at a Rpi3b and i also want to show my MM as a screensaver at my home’s pcs.Can i do that somehow?Now i can show my MM fullscreen through VNC at my pc.Any ideas?

  • @costascontis don’t need vnc… just http://mirror_ip:mirror_port

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    To expand on @sdetweil’s post, the Magic Mirror framework is a web application. You can connect to it just like any other dynamic website.

    If you can configure your screensaver to load a web page, then you can point it at your Mirror’s IP address on port 8080 (by default) and it will show you the interface. You will have to modify the IP Whitelist to include your computer, but that’s pretty trivial.

  • thanx,i got it .I test it opening mm ip at chrome and works great only MMM-RTSPSTREAM doent work.It doent show my cam ,maybe has something to do with vlc i am using…Anyway now i have to find a screensaver program for windows that can show a webpage…

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