MagicMirror² v2.13.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.


  • Description
    This a module for Magic Mirror². MMM-Mytraffic is a MagicMirror module for DUTCH traffic information, using real-time information from the ANWB.

    alt text

    alt text


    I’m not an experienced programmer and do this for fun. Feel free to suggest any ideas.

    16-04-2019 - v1.0.0 - Initial Release
    17-04-2019 - v1.1.0 - Add preferredRoads Selection
    18-04-2019 - v1.2.0 - Select Large or Small icons and information

  • Installed your module and it’s working perfectly, thank you! Though I would love to see some more configuration options. It would be great if preferred roads could be specified for jams, and another preferred roads for speed traps. I would love to add more roads for speed traps, but can’t if it does it also for jams. That way, it results in too much data to show on my mirror.

  • @Caimin I see what you mean. I will take a look at it in a few days. Currently I’m having a short leave with the family.

  • Hi,

    I have installed de module but, when the mirror is start up … the module is loading for a half of the day ?

    Anyway a idea ?

  • @timm-rombouts, currently not.
    I’m working on a new release, but due to not having a lot of time, it’s taking me more time.

  • @htilburgs Hi … Ik spreek ook nederlands 😉

    U kent het probleem ?

  • Because this is an english forum, I prefer to speak english 😉
    The problem is unknown to me. I’ve tried it several times, but it’s loading within a few seconds.

    Maybe you didn’t apply filters in the roads?
    Then it’s trying to load the complete list.

  • The traffic module is only loading.
    Must i change something? And where can i change Them.

    First time for me to make a mm. Ik followd your site. Great work👍

  • Looks like the ANWB feed is not there anymore, the url is not valid anymore.
    Module does not work anymore

  • after update MM, the module say’s loading. i have reinstalled the module but it stays the same. can somebody help?

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