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MM on VPS with Bulgarian Interface and translation :)

  • Hello, I have decided to run MM on a server to configure it to fit all my needs and then to create 3 separated mirrors for each room that will be used. Let me introduce my configuration.

    VPS 4 Cores, 4 GB RAM
    OS: Debian 9
    Installation and configuration takes ~10 mins

    I am using default modules for now but with little changes because I am from Bulgaria and needs my mirror be on Bulgarian language with the correct timezone, city etc. Let me show you a screenshot.


    Still have some things to be modified but I am happy for now. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask 🙂

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    It’s looking pretty good so far!

    Are you planning on running separate instances for each mirror, or will every mirror display the same information?

  • @bhepler I am planing every mirror to display the same information for now. The idea is every family member to have it’s own mirror and to have it’s own mirror profile. I am still thinking how the mirror will recognize you, maybe via Bluetooth connection via mirror - phone. Still in dev mode 🙂 If you have any suggestions please, I wanna hear every idea.

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